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a larger circle of places around the centre

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'a larger circle of places around the centre'

cdr in a small handmade booklet (15 X 13,5 cm) - 7 pages
* artist edition - limited

'a larger circle of places around the centre'
Ongoing collaborative project between Saskya Kamps and Max Kuiper, started in 2012.
Consisting, among other things, of a series of photographs.

13 june 2015
Soundrecording in a church: cello, violin, churchorgan, accordion, altar bells, metal object.
These sounds, together with sounds recorded in nature and other sounds, have been used to construct a series of soundworks.

20 sept 2015
A selection of these sounds will also be heard as a spatial arrangement during an exhibition \ installation on 20 sept 2015 in a former militairy building in Arnhem, The Netherlands.
Release of a cdr with these soundworks + small handmade booklet during the exhibition.